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UltraPower Banks CAI Ultra Trac - Front
Ultra Trac - Rear Plugs/Wires Door Striker
Fuel Filter/Adapter-Kit Oil/Air Filters

Allison Filter/Magnet/Fluid
Scan Gauge II/Adapter SS Exhaust Tips Speed Bleeders & Adapter
Spark Plug Heat Shields ABS Wheel Sensor 8.1 O2 Sensor


Could you use some extra HP and Torque? Remote UltraPower Upgrade with FREE Return Shipping. For $175 extra you can keep your ECM and we will program an ECM with UltraPower and ship it to you FREE.

Cost - UltraPowwer only $695

Cost - UltraPower with Core $870

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With each UltarPower upgrade we are providing a data logger (cRecorder). This device once plugged into the OBD2 port will monitor and record various sensors. Should you have any issues with your UltraPower upgrade we can diagnose the problem and provide a solution.

Instructions on how to use the data logger are here cRecorder Install Instructions. The software can be downloaded from either this web site or from the cRecorder web site and clicking on the Download Center.


Oemy's - cRecorder Install Software
cRecorder - cRecorder Web site
Note - The cRecorder web site is sometimes slow or not always online (404 errors).

Cold Air Intake

Sold Out

UltraTrac Front Trac Bar

Sold Out

UltraTrac Front Rear Bar

Sold Out

UltraTrac Front Sway Bar

Sold Out

UltraTrac Rear Sway Bar

Sold Out

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Magnum Spark Plug Wires

Sold Out

AC Delco 41-101 Spark Plugs

Check the Internet Specials for reduced prices.

The 41-101 Iridium plug has replaced the 41-993 Platinum plug.
NOTE - Bulk pack - No Boxes or tip sleeves.






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OEM Fuel Filter Adapter Kit

This is product is Sold Out.

If you need one check Amazon for WHG481FK.






GF481/652 Fuel Filter

This is the replacement filter for the GF 481 that was use prior to the change in Aug of 2003 when the OEM went to the "Returnless Fuel System" and started using the proprietary fuel filter.

Cost - $7.00



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Champ PH 832 2 Quart Oil Filter

Use this filter for the maximum filtering for your 8.1L engine.

Cost - $13.00




PH1218 1 Quart Oil Filter

Sold Out

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AF917 Air Filter

This is the same filter as the A1236C used in the stock OEM air intake but without the foam cover.

Cost - $13.00




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Allison Transmisson Filter

Sold Out

Allison Transmission Filter Magnet

Lose your magnet? 100% Allison replacment..

COST - Filter $7






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