Why UltraPower?

  • Up to 80 Horse Power Increase
  • Up to 100 Foot Pounds of Torque Increase
  • Dynamometer Proven
  • Customized for each installation
  • 87 Octane - no pinging
  • All Tuning within engineering design
  • Smoother Horsepower & Torque curves
  • Better Throttle Response
  • Less shifting out of Overdrive
  • Minimal downshift to 3rd gear (5 sp) or 4th gear (6 sp)
  • .5 to 2 mpg increase - Average .5 to 1 mpg
  • Update done via OBD II Port - No hardware
  • UltraPower does not void your OEM warranty
  • Life-time Warranty

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    Who developed UltraPower?

    UltraPower was developed by Brazel's RV Performance Center of Centralia, WA in 2005 using Taylor Chassis Dynamometer, installed at the Brazel's facility, to test and verify performance benchmarks. After the initial dynamometer testing was complete the "tune" was road tested. Any anomalies or errors were corrected. The corrected tune is again tested on the dynamometer before being road tested. UltraPower has had only 1 update since its release in 2006. That change was do to GM error in one of the calibration tables. Once identified and corrected all UltraPower customers received a FREE update.

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    How is UltraPower Configured?

    UltraPower is custom built for each ECM based on the vin # (Vehicle Identification Number) and a static scan of the engine using a scan tool. I use Car Code OBD-2.The vin # is used to look up the GM calibration codes for your ECM. Any updates to the calibration codes are added to the tune before the 400 or so UltraPower changes are made includung any tweaks that were made from the review of the static scan data.

    If you would like to see the calibration codes for your GM Vortec 8.1 you can go the following GM site and review the calibration codes history. GM Calibration Codes But, you will need enter your vin #. There is sample PDF file in the Downloads section.

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    How is UltraPower Installed?

    The UltraPower upgrade starts by attaching a laptop computer to the OBD II port via special cable to read and copy the contents of the ECM. This backup copy is sent to Brazel's for update.

    Once updated, the new ECM code send back to the installer and installed in the customers ECM. This whole process should only take about 30 to 45 minutes.



    There is are 2 alternate methods to do the UltraPower upgrade.

    1. You can remove your ECM and send it to me (Oemy). I will install the update and returned to you usually with 24 hrs.

    2. You can also have UltraPower installed on a spare ECM and have it shipped to you. There will be core charge for the ECM and that will be refunded upon return of the core.

    Should you decide to take either option there is a PDF writeup on "How To" R & R the ECM in the Downloads section.

    Should your ECM ever become corrupted, get written over by the OEM or Allison, Brazel's RV Performance or a Brazel's dealer will reinstall the UltraPower upgrade FREE of charge.

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    Does UltraPower void your warranty?

    No! Warranties cannot be voided because of a change that was made unless it can be proven that the failure was directly to the aftermarket part. Abuse (makeing something do something that it was not designed to do) is generally the reason cited for voided warranties.

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    UltraPower User Poll?

    Here is an informal unscientific poll taken of UltraPower users on the IRV2.com's OEM Forum. There are a few things to consider when looking at the data.

    • You had to be a member of IRV2 to take the poll.
    • You could vote more than once. Although it does not look like anyone skewed the poll by voting more than once.
    • There are about 100 members of IRV2 that have UltraPower installed. So, almost 50+% didn't vote.

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