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1. Skydiving 2. RV Barn 3. Bluff Trails RV Park
4. USS Lexington 5. My First RV 6. Ghost Squadron - CAF
7. Cedar Ridge COE Park 8. Train Depot & Museum 9. Stanzel Model Air Plane Museum
10. Harley Davidson Museum 11. Dick's Garage 12. Corvette Museum

Corvette Museum - Bowling Green, KY

Added 9/8/2015
If your a car buff, a gearhead or like Corvettes and are anywhere near Bowling Green, KY this a must see. The museum allows you to walk thru the display area at your leisure, provides souvenir photos at a reasonable cost, has a gift shop and a new car show room. The museum delivers 8 to 10 new Covettes a day to customers via the show room. Lastly they usually have raffle for a NEW Corvette.

As many of you know in March 2014 there was a sinkhole opened up underneath the museum. A number of rare Corvette's fell in to the hole. It was all caught on the security camers. The last 9 photos were taken in April just shortly before the last Corvette was removed.

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Dick's Garage - San Marcos, TX

Added 9/8/2015
If you like old restored cars and are in or around San Marcos, TX then Dick's Garage at 120 Stagecoach Trail is a must see. Orginally this car museum was in Rosanky, TX. But, in 2012 they closed the Rosanky location and sold off 90 of cars to fund the current building and moved the remainder of the collection to the new building upon completion.

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Harley Davidson Museum - Milwaukee, WI

Added 9/8/2015
Do you like motorcycles? Even if you don't, the Harley Davidson Museum In Milwaukee, WI is worth the stop. Being that I am a gear head and have been riding motorcyles most of my life, but never in my wildest dreams was I expecting to see what Harley Davidson had put together. Even my wife was impressed and that is not an easy task when it comes to cars, motorcyles and the like.

The museum is two stories tall with a restoration area and contains dang near 1 of every motorcyle built by Harley Davidson. There motorcyles from about 1904 to present. Some of the 1900's motorcyles are unrestored and in almost mint condition. There are a few of 1 of a kind... IE - the only one to exist, like a WW II sidecar version. Outside there were 2 motorcyles mounted on rollers that you could test ride so to speak as you can't tip them over.

At the time I was there they had a special exhibit of Willie G. Davidson's personal collection. This exhibit was a limited display and would close in September of 2015.

Lastly there was the HD restaurant across the street.The wife and I split chicken salad sandwich that was HUGE and absolutely delicious. The deep fried cheese curds were to die for. Lastly the bill didn't break the bank.
OBTW - the restaurant had all kinds of small pieces of memorabilia like signed gas tanks, helmets, motors etc.

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Stanzel Model Air Plane Museum - Schulenburg, TX

Added 6/17/2009
Some you remember building balsa wood model airplanes or maybe you remember the first "fly by wire" model planes. Well if you want to relive a bit of the pass the next time you pass through Schulenburg, TX stop at the Schulenburg RV park for a couple of days. It's just off I-10 a 1/2 mile or so down TX 77. After you get setup drive down TX 77 few miles a look for Stanzel's Museum. It's worth the trip. If model airplanes are not for you, then take the "Painted Churches" tour.

A few notes about the museum. The day that I was there a 40 year retired employee was there. I took a photo of him standing next to an injection-molding machine that he ran for many years.

They did a lot of DIY Engineering back in the day. Like, using an old platen printing press to cut balsa wood parts or using an old ringer washing machine a press roller for flattening the paper covered balsa wings.

Just click on Stanzel Model Air Plane Museum to view the slide show.

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Train Depot & Museum - Temple, TX

Added 6/9/2009
The next time you are close to Temple, Tx take some time and visit the Temple, TX Depot. It is a working Depot and Train Museum.

Be sure to take the tour of the museum and if your lucky there are a couple old timers that will spin a yarn or two about "back in the day". Plus they will show you how they sent messages via the telegraph and recorded them on a typewriter.

When your done with the tour stop by the gift shop before you go outside to look at the rail cars and locomotive. Lots of neat stuff to spend your money on.

If you are intrested in model trains they also have a big working display in one of other buidlings.

Just click on Train Station & Museum to view the slide show.

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Cedar Ridge COE Park - Belton, TX

Added 3/8/2009
If you have never looked at COE (Corps Of Engineers) RV Parks, you're missing an experience especially if you're 62 or older. For those of us that are over 62 you can get a Life Time COE pass and generally stay for 50% off the site price, usually about $9. You can reserve a site via US Government Recreation web site and during the summer it is a must at some of the more popular parks. You can also stay for as long as 28 days. Some Snowbirds do this here in Texas. After 28 days you can either try for an extension or move to another park. The only downsides are limited 50-amp service and they don't have sewer at the sites... They do have a dump station available though.

My COE pass is called a Golden Age Passport. The Golden Age Passport has been replaced with Senior Pass. Check the US Parks web site for more info.

Cedar Ridge is located on Lake Belton in Belton, TX. It has a little bit for everyone. The have sites close to the water, sites with great views, secluded sites, boat ramps, swimming beaches, laundry rooms, showers, rest rooms, trash dumpsters and pavilions. I snapped a few photos on our last visit to post.

Just click on Cedar Ridge COE Park to view the slide show.

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Ghost Squadron CAF - War Birds

Added 3/7/2009
One of the very first trips we took in our "New" Class C RV was to south Texas to visit my wife's Dad and 2 brothers. Her Dad lived in Alamo, TX, one brother lived in Mc Allen, TX and the other lived in Harlingen, TX. It just so happened that the Confederate Air Force (as it was called back then before the politically correctness became the norm) was having a fly in and air show that w/e. So, grabbed my 35 mm Cannon camera and headed over there. Most of not all the planes were setup in a static display and the air show was scheduled for later in the afternoon.

I even talked to the Japanese pilot that shot down "Pappy Boynton", very interesting fellow. If I remember correctly he said that he & Boynton became good friends after the war.

The air show was really great as just about all the aircraft in the static display taxied out for pictures, took off, flew in formation and landed. But, the highlight of the show was a reenactment by the Tora Tora Tora Japanese Zero's, complete with simulated bombing runs and pyrotechnics.

About 2 years later the CAF kind of disbanded and moved most of the planes, nose art etc to Burnet, TX. This news got me to thinking about the photo's I had taken and I decided to scan them and make an electronic copy. It took a fair amount of time, as I had to clean them up a bit as they already started to deteriorate.

Just click on the Ghost Squadron CAF to see the slide show.

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My First RV - Royal Classic RC310

Added 3/5/2009
Back 1999 my wife and I decided to get a RV, We had enough of tent camping and besides the kids were gone. After looking around we found a Class C to our liking. It was a toss up between one with a partial bedroom/kitchen slide with and entertainment center over the cab or no slide and no entertainment center. Cost became the major factor in choosing the no slide and no entertainment center. We took the cheaper route.

We kept rig for almost 5 years and put almost 40,000 miles on it. It served us well as it was almost trouble free. Other than normal maintanence, a set of new tires and new shocks the only thing I added was a backup camera.

One interesting thing to note is about 4 years after sold it I was showing a buddy some new Newmar coaches and told him that my old Class C sat right over there, pointing to the used coach section, and guess what was sitting right where I left it. Yep, my old Class C.... It looked like it had been rode hard and put away wet.

The photos were taken about a week before I picked up my 2004 Newmar Mountain Aire.

Just click on My First RV to see the slide show.

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USS Lexington - Corpus Christie, TX

Added 3/2/2009
We have some friends that moved to a private airpark next to Lake Corpus Christie. We have taken the RV down to visit them several times. But, we never had taken time to really see the sites in Corpus Christie. So, on one of our trips we took the time to visit the USS Lexington.

Check out the USS Lexington web site for more info.

Just click on USS Lexington to view the slide show.

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Bluff Trails RV Park - Ingram, TX

Added 3/1/2009
Bluff Trails RV is a private RV park located in Ingram, TX. This park is not open to the public but the Good Sam's RV club I belong to, Rigs A Mortis, schedules this park once a year for w/e rallies. There is a lot of wild life roaming around (wild turkeys, deer etc) and it is kind of neat to watch them when the feeders go off about 4 in the afternoon.

Just click on Bluff Trails RV Park to view the slide show.

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RV Barn - Coupland, TX

Added 2/4/2009
When my wife and I decided to "size down" we sold 14 of our 16 acres and put up a 40'x75' metal building on the remaining 2 acres to store our RV, build an apartment and storage area. But, things changed after moved into the building. We didn't build the apartment or the storage area and decided to live in the RV. Here are some photos of my RV Barn from concept to finish.

Just click on the RV Barn to view the slide show.

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Sky Diving - Fentress, TX

Added 2/4/2009
After seeing the movie "The Bucket List" I decided that maybe I should get off my butt and do some of things I have always wanted to do but never "Got Around To It". So, while we were on a RV club outing about 75 miles south of were we live I ran into the owner of a sky diving center at a restaurant. He gave me a business card and said to give him a call. So, the very next day I called and found out the center was only 2 miles away. So, I headed over and the rest is history. Bailing out of a plane at 12,000' (a little over 2 miles up) is not for everyone. But, it is a real blast and I would do again in a heartbeat.

I had video made of the jump and also got about 80 still photos. I assembled a few photos for viewing.

Just click on Sky Diving to view the slide show.

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