RV Chassis Parts Xref W Series

As many of you RV'ers know all OEM's has their own Part Numbering system even though most of the parts are available from a GM dealer, other OEM's or from a autoparts house. So, if you have purchased any parts from any other source other than the OEM and have the OEM part number and discription please leave me an EMAIL with the informantion and I will add to this section.

Note - This cross reference file is a collection of parts numbers supplied by the members of IRV2 and myself. The OEM numbers have been added for reference and may vary as I have seen multiple parts numbers for the same part.

I have added links to my photos of the various parts referenced here. So, if you want to see a photo of the part in question just click on the highlighted part and it will open a new tab or window.
Note - The photo's are for reference only and may not depict the actual part.

Any updates or corrections please Email me.

Allison Transmission Parts
Part # Description Supplier
29539579 Spin on Filter GM/Allison/Omey's
29535617 Allison Filter Magnet GM/Allison/Oemy's
29536522 Allison Deep Pan Allsion
29537966 Allison Deep Pan Filter Allison
29537965 Allison Shallow Pan Filter Allison
2953626 Allison Pan Gasket Allison

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Suspension Parts
Part # Description Supplier
650-1178 Tie Rod Boots NAPA
W8000036 Front Axle Seal OEM
370150A Front Axle Seal National
28758 Front Axle Seal Scottseal/SKF/NAPA
308-0866 Front Axle Seal Stemco
370169A Rear Axle Seal Federal Mogul
W20HH100 Rear Axle Seal Spicer
3566166C1 Rear Axle Seal IHC
35000 Rear Axle Seal Scottseal/SKF/NAPA
34994 Rear Axle Seal SKF

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Shocks & Parts
Part # Description Supplier
24-186629 Bilstein - Front Vendor
24-186537 Bilstein - Rear Vendor
Old numbers. F= BES-B492-HO, R= BES-A011-HO
E4-B60-76 Rear Replacement Bushing Blistein
This is part of an assembly pn and is not listed in any catalog. You will have call Bilstein to get any spare parts.

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Miscellaneous Parts
Part # Description Supplier
15-8733 Starter Relay AC Delco
15-8733 AC Compressor Relay AC Delco
15-8733 Aux Fans Relay AC Delco
15-8720 Fuel Pump Relay AC Delco
15-8571 Brake Trans Shift Interlock AC Delco
15-8571 ATrans Shift Lock Ctl AC Delco
26047332 W2x Ignition Switch - Key GM
12588924 Throttle Actuator Control GM
W8000543 Turn Signal/Headlight Control OEM
26100985 Turn Signal/Headlight Control AC Delco
SW952 Turn Signal/Headlight Control Autozone
12573337/FC208 Oil Filler Cap GM/AC Delco
12574265/FC210 Oil Filler Cap GM/AC Delco
10243772/FC179 Oil Filler Cap GM/AC Delco
31099 Oil Filler Cap Gates
10114 Oil Filler Cap Stant
11114 Oil Filler Cap Stant
703-1380 Oil Filler Cap NAPA
19207873 OEM Gas Cap AC Delco
11506 Locking Gas Cap Stant
703-1643 Locking Gas Cap NAPA
11836 Non-Locking Gas Cap Stant

Note - The Stant Locking gas cap number has changed... old number 10506

W8000129 Master Cylinder Cap OEM
???????? Master Cylinder Cap Auto Parts Store
W8000131 Master Cylinder Cap - Gasket OEM
???????? Master Cylinder Cap - Gasket Auto Parts Store

Note - Be aware the master cylinder caps are not a GM item. They are from a 78-98 Chrylser product. You can get them in the HELP section of most auto parts stores. Don't forget the rubber gaskets as they do not come with the caps.

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