RV Chassis Parts Xref W Series

As many of you RV'ers know all OEM's have their own Part Numbering system even though most of the parts are available from a GM dealer, other OEM's or from a autoparts house. So, if you have purchased any parts from any other source other than the OEM and have the OEM part number and discription please leave me an EMAIL with the informantion and I will add to this section.

Note - This cross reference file is a collection of parts numbers supplied by the members of IRV2 and myself. The OEM numbers have been added for reference and may vary as I have seen multiple parts numbers for the same part.

I have added links to my photos of the various parts referenced here. So, if you want to see a photo of the part in question just click on the highlighted part and it will open a new tab or window.
Note - The photo's are for reference only and may not depict the actual part.

Any updates or corrections please Email me.

Engine Parts
Part # Description Supplier
88984269 8.1L Spark Plug Wire Set GM/AC Delco
01004 Magnum Plug Wires UltraRVProducts.com
8006 Spark Plug Wire Heat Sheild AC Delco
15336959 Spark Plug Wire Heat Sheild GM/RockAuto
W8000518 Spark Plug - .060 Stock OEM
41-983 Stock Spark Plug AC Delco
41-993 Replaced 41-983 AC Delco
41-101 Iridum-Replaced 41-993 Auto Parts Store
W8000524 O2 Sensor OEM
12572706 O2Sensor AC Delco/RockAuto
213-1161 O2 Sensor AC Delco
15282 O2 Sensor Bosch
5S4403 O2 Sensor Airtex/Wells
234-4669 O2 Sensor Denso
21549 O2 Sensor NGK
250-24491 O2 Sensor Walker
The O2 sensor is a 4 wire heated sensor.
W8000513 MAF Sensor OEM
25318411 MAF Sensor Delphi
This is an 85mm MAF sensor that is used on just about all GM engines from the early 2000 to current production. It is used on everything from a 4.3L to the 8.1L. It's even used on the Z06 Corvette.

Note - The Delphi part # 25168491 was superseded by 25318411.

15712914 Fan Clutch GM
15-4712 Fan Clutch AC Delco
W0000581 Serpentine Belt OEM
4061080 Serpentine Belt Goodyear
1080K6 Serpentine Belt Kelly Springfield
K061080 Serpentine Belt Gates
25-061080 Serpentine Belt NAPA
Note - Be aware some RV'ers have indicated that the 108" belt is to long and they had to use a 103" belt.

I received information that the 103" belt is for the P32's and the 108" belt is for the W series. The difference in sizes is do a pulley size difference between the P32 and W series.

WH12581203 Serpentine Belt Tensioner OEM
38258 Serpentine Belt Tensioner AC Delco
12581203 Serpentine Belt Tensioner GM
38258 Serpentine Belt Tensioner Gates
89430 Serpentine Belt Tensioner Dayco
38258 Serpentine Belt Tensioner NAPA
12580771 Idler Pulley GM
36299 Idler Pulley Gates
36299 Idler Pulley NAPA
Part Numbers for AC Belt Bypass
89012 Idler Pulley Dayco
5060955 Serpentine Belt Dayco
08400003 Alternator - 145 AMP OEM
1N4812 Alternator - 145 AMP NAPA
DLG1923-16-4 Alternator - 145 AMP AutoZone
W8000145 Starter OEM
323-1471 Starter AC Delco
2446876 Starter - (reman) NAPA
4N-5110 Starter NAPA
10475646 Starter Solenoid AC Delco
SS-906 Starter Solenoid Wells
66-132 Starter Solenoid WAI
ST 170 Starter Solenoid NAPA
Note - Most parts houses, Auto/RV Dealers, the OEM would rather sell you a NEW or Reman starter than the parts to repair it, such as a solenoid.
You will also need a special #6 Torx Socket to remove the solenoid.
W0000032 Power Steering Pump OEM
26042589 Power Steering Pump GM - Discontinued
20661 Power Steering Pump A1 Cardone - without reservoir
208749 Power Steering Pump A1 Cardone - with reservoir
Note - 26042589 is still available on sites like eBay, Rockauto, autoparts stores and even some GM sites.The price can range for $40 to over $300 depending if is remanufactured, new or with/without a reservoir.
12558275 Exhaust Manifold Gasket GM
15150413 Exhaust Donut OEM
15170285 Exhaust Donut GM
F31731 Exhaust Donut Car Quest
61287 Exhaust Flange Gasket Fel-Pro
12589867 Knock Sensor OEM
10456603 Knock Sensor GM
213-3521 Knock Sensor AC Delco
Knock Sensor - 2nd Design - W/O Locating Tab
10456222 Knock Sensor GM
213-298 Knock Sensor AC Delco
Knock Sensor - 1st Design - W/Locating Tab
I have also found another set of numbers that may also fit.
12591312 Knock Sensor GM
AC10137 Knock Sensor Delphi
213-2829 Knock Sensor AC Delco
DKS230 Knock Sensor Echlin
KS112 Knock Sensor Std Motor Products
Last but not least - Be sure to check the torque when installing. If it is to tight or to loose it could affect the sensor reading. I believe the correct torque setting is 15#. Always check to make sure.
W8000525 Crankshaft sensor OEM
12575172 Crankshaft Sensor GM
PC269 Crankshaft sensor Std Motor Products
Part # 12556427 was replaced by 12575172.
Note - There are two versions of this sensor. One has a single "O" ring and the other has a double "O" ring. Part # 12575172 is the Double "O" version.

Last but not least this sensor may vary by model year.

12591720 Camshaft Sensor GM
213-3826 Camshaft Sensor AC Delco
Part # 12591720 replaced 12585545.
Note - There are alternate part #'s 12568983,38085130, 8125689830, 892615001.

The following info was taken from a Jasper Engine's document.
The cam sensor was changed in 2004. The 2001-2003 8.1 uses sensor # 12575183 and 2004-2005 8.1 uses sensor # 12568983 and can be retro-fitted to the 2001-2003 engines.

D1822a Oil Pressure Sender AC Delco/GM
12577403 Oil Pressure Sender GM
12603784 Low Oil Sensor GM

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In Tank Fuel Pumps
Part # Description Supplier
25028274 In Tank Fuel Pump AC Delco/GM
25178125 In Tank Fuel Pump AC Delco/GM
SP6100M In Tank Fuel Pump Spectra
P74758M In Tank Fuel Pump Carter
81-891 In Tank Fuel Pump Mills Supply
81-893 In Tank Fuel Pump Mills Supply
Part number 81-891 has a single electrical plug-in on top of unit & is 14" long x 4-1/2" diameter. Addtion part numbers for this pump.
OEM Numbers:
  • W0013952
  • 25353893
  • 25371178
  • 28056423
  • 28105800
  • 25380389
Part number 81-893 has two electrical plug-ins on top of unit & is 14" long x 4-1/2" diameter. Addtion part numbers for this pump.
OEM Numbers:
  • 28056422
  • 28105799
  • 25223126

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A/C Parts
Part # Description Supplier
W8001369 A/C Compressor OEM
15067135 A/C Compressor Delphi
15-21177 A/C Compressor AC Delco
15-20747 A/C Compressor AC Delco/Denso
15-22124A A/C Compressor AC Delco
89019224 A/C Compressor GM
271569 A/C Compressor CarQuest
88950 A/C Compressor 4 Season's Auto Parts
88950 A/C Compressor Checker/Orielly's
DAC CSS0121 A/C Compressor Napa
NCC 3620151 A/C Compressor Napa
251281 A/C Compressor Napa
620447 A/C Compressor Autozone
620151 A/C Compressor Compressor Works
274668 A/C Compressor Clutch Napa
W8000070 A/C Receiver/Drier OEM
04-9966 A/C Receiver/Drier Hot Air AC Inc
04-9968 A/C Receiver/Drier Hot Air AC Inc
Note - 9966 & 9968 fit the OEM chassis but have different mounting and differnt connectors. So, check your old Receiver Dryer before ordering.
207-962 A/C Receiver/Drier TechChoice Parts
12546135 A/C Receiver/Drier GM
Note - There are least 5 more GM part numbers (12375979, 12546083, 12375380,12548454,12442121) for this Receiver/Drier, each having a slightly different config and year of application. So, check your orginal Receiver/Drier for a part number before ordering. A very good source for parts is Victory Climate Systems (SCS). Their parts files are in pdf format.
157743 A/C Expansion Valve Autozone
3411301 A/C Expansion Valve Global
FS38602 A/C Expansion Valve 4-Seasons A/C
10242579 A/C Low Side Cutoff Switch GM
15-2915 A/C Low Side Cutoff Switch AC Delco
MT 1376 A/C Low Side Cutoff Switch Autozone
15-2874 A/C Low Side Cutoff Switch AC Delco
Low side/cycling switch, normal open, opens 2-9 psi, closes 22-32 psi. Cycles the compressor. Located suction line close to evap.
??-??? A/C High Side Cutoff Switch AC Delco
High side/aux high pressure switch. On at 205-225 psi, off at 125 psi. Controls aux fans to control head pressure. Located on dryer/accumulator.
15-5687 A/C Compressor Switch AC Delco
Compressor high pressure switch, n/c, opens at 430 psi, located in back end of compressor.

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